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What We Do

Welcome To Glastry

At Glastry we aim to manage all aspects of an artist’s career. This includes live appearances, recording, publishing and merchandising deals as well as total brand management. Having worked for the biggest band on the planet, we are well versed to deal with all opportunities that may be presented to an artist. We feel that our experience translates to emerging artists who may not yet have a platform from which to launch their career. We are here to help.

Over many years, we have forged relationships with the most senior representatives of major promoters, record and publishing companies. We also actively look for innovative ways to increase an artist’s revenue stream, in an ever-evolving industry. Our philosophy at Glastry is simple – The artist’s interests must drive every commercial deal. We understand that adhering to this is the only way to build and maintain a longstanding relationship with an artist. Our history shows that we deliver this.