Rolling Stones manager leads new circle of patrons for PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music fund

Rolling Stones manager leads new circle of patrons for PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music fund

  • Glastry is first company to sign up to PRS Foundation’s new circle of patrons for Women Make Music fund
  • In addition to supporting the fund, Glastry offers pro bono management support to three of the early career stage music creators supported by Women Make Music

We’re delighted to announce that management company Glastry has become the first company to sign up to a new circle of patrons which will support PRS Foundation’s ground-breaking Women Make Music fund.

Glastry will offer bespoke mentorship and career support to three Women Make Music supported music creators each year alongside financial support for the fund.

Joyce Smyth, Rolling Stones manager and Founder of Glastry said “Glastry’s support for PRS foundation reflects our focus over the next few years to identify and work with emerging talent. We feel that our experience translates to such artists who may not yet have a platform from which to launch their career. We are here to help.”

Vanessa Reed, our CEO said, “We’re excited that Glastry is leading the way by kickstarting our Women Make Music fund’s circle of patrons. Joyce Smyth’s broad and varied experience as a manager and the company’s intentions to extend their focus to emerging talent will be of huge benefit to the talented female songwriters and composers we fund. Their sponsorship of Women Make Music is also crucial as the demand for this fund continues to grow.”

The Women Make Music Fund was created to draw attention to the gender gap between men and women in the music industry and increase the number of women creating new music in the UK. In 2011, just 13% of PRS for Music members were professional female songwriters and composers. Now in 2019, female membership sits at 17%, however 39% of new PRS members joining, who are under the age of 20, are female.

In 2016 an independent impact report into the first 5 years of the Women Make Music fund found that this targeted support had had a significant impact on female music creators’ careers. Of the Women Make Music grantees surveyed, 79% said the support had increased their confidence, 82% said it had increased their creativity, 85% wouldn’t have been able to do their project without the support and the return on investment from Women Make Music support was 96%.

You can see the full list of Women Make Music supported music creators here.

The next deadline to submit applications for Women Make Music support is 10th June 2019.


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