Cornwall’s Daisy Clark releases her most adventurous track to date in ‘Make Me Trust You’

Cornish up-and-comer Daisy Clark returns today with her new single ‘Make Me Trust You’ and it marks something of a departure in her sound from the more conventional acoustic releases of the past.

It’s a heady, personal piece that gives us glimpses into the burgeoning songwriter’s emotions and personal life.

Daisy says, “Make Me Trust You is what I like to think of as the prequel to Hope It Hurts You. The song shares the doubts and red flags that should have been listened to. It’s about someone always making you doubt your trust for them, and wanting them to prove you wrong but they never do. It’s a song I wrote very true in the moment and is one of my favourites.”

You can buy and stream the track from any of the retailer here.


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